Things are moving quickly at the Heart of AN. ♥ The past few weeks saw some dramatic developments. Yeso plaster is now being put on the interior and exterior walls starting at the top and working downwards.

The yeso plaster is softening the look of our house.

Although it doesn’t look like it in these photos, the color is white.


Here’s a pillar on a small balcony.

Notice the always present transistor radio suspended from the palo.


This will be the enclosed balcony of my small office.


The plumbing and electricity are being positioned inside the adobe walls.


Emanáku made marks in the nichos where shelves will be put in before the plastering.

This one is for DVDs, including our revered Bollywood collection.

Can’t wait to have film nights at the Heart of AN.

(Sacks of yeso for plastering on the right.)


The Art Studio has a glass overhang on the roof to let in more light.


The AN  Tower room before it was plastered.

(Actually, I haven’t been able to get up there to see what it looks like now

since the stairs haven’t been built and the ladders are all in use elsewhere.)


Interior view of my small office while plastering is in progress.

The opening at the right goes to the tower and will be filled with glass blocks.


The deeply inspiring view from the window in my office.

This photo was taken a few days before the interior plastering began.


Work has finally begun on the missing section of adobe wall on the other side of our land.

This is possible because of your donations. Thank you so much!


Some lovely saffron colored seed pods on our land this week.


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