A Week of Both Contemplation and Action at The Heart of AN

It feels like we still have much to do to get everything ready here for next year, so this preparation takes much of our current focus. We are still building our infrastructure at the Heart of AN, step by step. We only do the tasks that we can see clearly. If the path of action and the design isn’t yet clear, we wait until it is. This approach seems to be serving us well.

The spring rainy season is slowly beginning and everything is becoming greener each day. We are enjoying lots of glorious days of warm sunshine.

• There is much to contemplate here….

We really want to totally recalibrate our lower circle on the street side that has our old black plastic storage shed in it. When Justo left, this area was full of debris and scattered building supplies. Eloy has cleaned it up considerably, but there is still much to do.

Since more storage is needed for our building supplies, we are thinking about how we can reconfigure the ugly storage shed and make it both beautiful and practical. Right now, we are planning to strip off the black plastic and plywood walls and replace them with walls of thin bamboo poles with yeso. The back half would be for storage and the front part would be a covered, open sitting area for the nearby AN•Labyrinth. It would also be a great place to put a musician when we have activities at the labyrinth. German and his crew are supposed to come next week to begin work on this.

We are also waiting to see the right design for our AN•Labyrinth which we hope to build with river rocks as soon as the almacen / storage is finished.

We are also thinking about how to create a cover for the AN•Chakana to protect it from the strong sun here, as well as the rain. Should it be a temporary covering such as a tent that can be easily removed? (We already tried one tent which fell apart after a few months.) Or should we design some sort of permanent pavilion roof?

We are feeling out the dates of next year’s Readers of the Cards Classes, as well as other special events for 2016. We are receiving inquiries from tour groups and individuals who want to visit the Heart of AN and are contemplating the best activities for them so they can experience the energies here.

• At the same time, we have many unfinished tasks in progress.

The water soaked walls of AN•Wasi are still drying. They will be ready to repaint in a few days. After the walls are painted, we will begin renovating the tile floors. Hopefully, everything will be ready for our guests in November.

We are also having comfortable floor cushions made for our next classes in a variety of bright colored hand loomed bayeta wool!

Eloy has been cleaning up the land and it looks much better without the dead plants and misplaced building materials. He’s preparing several new areas where we will plant flowers. We also will plant grass seed in some of the areas which have raw dirt. On the next New Moon, I will finally plant the herb garden. as well as some jalapeño peppers from Mexico!

I am about to begin a major creative work project with my book, “The Legend of Altazar” which I will tell you about soon.

Oh, and in a few days we will show you the gorgeous new colors for the bags of the Cards of AN!! ♥

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