Alignment with the Activation of The Heart of AN


How to Align with the Activation of The Heart of AN

Even if you cannot physically participate in the Activation of the Heart of AN in Peru, you can participate energetically, either individually or with a group.

The Heart of AN will be officially activated on June 30th at the Heart of AN Center in the Sacred Valley of Peru. We still aren’t sure of the hours of the Activation, but we will let you know as soon as we do.

The Activation of the Heart of AN is quite different than the 11:11 Activations which required great discipline and preciseness. AN is more about LOVE and CREATIVITY. Although we may use the 11:11 Mudras and some of the 11:11 Sacred Dances to align the participants before the Activation, they will not be part of the ceremony itself.

Since the AN energies are so fresh and new, we  don’t yet know the form that our Activation Ceremony will take. We do know that it will be centered around our AN•Chakana. A chakana is the Andean bridge between worlds. During our ceremony, we will all cross over this bridge into the New Reality.

There are four energetic doorways to our AN•Chakana:

Inti Punku – The Doorway of the Sun.

Killa Punku – The Doorway of the Moon.

Inka Punku – The Doorway of the Sun and Moon wedded in Sacred Union.

AN Punku – The AN Doorway of the Sun and Moon as One Being.


The AN•Chakana

If you wish to align with us, please try to find a beautiful place with clean, fresh AN energy. This is not the same as an established power place. If there are flowers and flowing water, it will be even better.

We have given much thought to what would be the best activities for those who are aligning with us. Since AN is so connected with creativity, perhaps you could all make paintings or drawings of AN. AN is the Sun and Moon merged together as One Being. Creating an AN helps you merge together all polarities into One.

When you create an AN, the Sun and Moon share the same eyes, nose and mouth. Here is an example from one of Solara’s paintings:

ANpaintdia38-002There are also two songs which are highly recommended to bring in the AN energies. “The Family of AN” was created many years ago by Matisha to awaken the Family of AN. During the 38 hour Activation of the First Gate of the 11:11 at the Great Pyramids in Egypt, it was played at least once every hour. After several years of being unavailable, our Nvisible Mercado is happy to have it available for download. The second song is by the amazing Omashar and is one of our all time favorites.

“Family of AN” ~ The song is 10 min, 22 sec. Available for download here:

“The Wonderful and the New” by Omashar ~ This is a deeply touching song that evokes our entire journey and our movement into the New and True. ~ 7 minutes. It is available for download here:

Our Ceremony for the Activation of the Heart of AN will begin at 10:00 am Peru and Mexico Time, 11:00 am Eastern US Time.

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23 thoughts on “Alignment with the Activation of The Heart of AN”

  1. Sandi says:

    With you today and always, with Love! <3

  2. Stefffen says:

    BE with u ***

  3. Hazel says:

    Love from England.xx

  4. Marcela Medina says:

    My beloved Family of AN ready to be with you tomorrow , from Mexico , now at the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Love you!!✨

  5. Felipe Soares says:

    We will be with you! <3

    Love from Brazil! <3

  6. Indigo says:

    I will be with you beloveds

  7. Myluv says:

    Will be connecting with you all from out here in Spain ~ With Abundant Sunshiny Love….

    Thank you Solara, Emanaku & all Family of AN

    The Love of AN in One Heart


    1. Myluv says:

      My❤️ ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Alla Revenko Russia says:

    Dear Solara!

    Many Russians will participate by Heart in the Activation.

    We have invited participants of our on-line women training from many countries to take part in the Activation and they will join us.

    With love,

    Alla Revenko

  9. Patrice Karst says:

    I will be tuning in with you all here in California. Bless you Solara. To the journey across the bridge!

    My deepest love to us ALL…

  10. Anna says:

    I’ll be aligning from Budapest, Hungary. <3

  11. Marcela Medina says:

    Muy dearest Solara, Emanaku & beloved Family of AN.

    I will be With You With all the Love of my Heart !,

    Love so much!!

  12. Alessandra Da Pra Love says:

    in Communion and with Love ANd Boundless Blessings in The ONe Heart ~.~ Alessandra

  13. Gabor Beke says:

    Dearest Solara, Emanaku and The Family of AN,

    As a participant of the Activation of the 11th Gate in Peru, naturally I am aligning – physically from Hungary – with the Activation of The Heart of AN, which action hopefully will open up paths for other Heart of ANs all around the World…

    It’s amazing what You have done there!

    With The LOVE of AN,


  14. Nina says:

    We Will be gathered her in Mt Shasta, at the Sacred Heart Sanctuary… 🙂

  15. Merrilyn Helliwell says:

    can’t wait to be with all from down under Australia. My heart has just expanded once more as it dose every time I connect with the Heart of An energies… much Love merrilyn

  16. Janet Bushby says:

    I hosted the last 2 ceremonies in Perth Australia. Would love any further information. Many Thanks, Janet

  17. Samm says:

    I would Love to be a part of the Heart of AN. I am not sure where I will be on the 30th of June. However, I my Intention is to be present. Love and Light <3 xx

    p.s This is so faint this message I can barely read it. I hope you can too?

  18. El Aa Ra says:

    It will be wonderful to be a part of it. Love to get together with anyone else in Colorado who wants to do this together. Great thought to create a sun/moon for ourselves. May our connections be deep and joyous as we voyage into the NEW. El Aa Ra

  19. Avia (Ingrid Jolly) says:

    It will be an honor to align from within the Avillion Peace Sanctuary in the Front Royal/Linden area of Virginia. This Peace Sanctuary is in a vortex and Indian people used to travel to it for their ceremonies. Looking forward to further instructions.

  20. Terre Zea Teosinte says:

    Looking forward to connecting <3 to <3

    All love,


  21. Jussara Guillen says:

    I’ll be aligning with the Heart od AN… from Campinas, São Paulo, Brasil

  22. Birgit says:


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