AN•TAWA CEREMONIES 2 • Day 4 – The Sacred Lake of AN

On November 1, our Day 4, we went to Laguna Piuray ~ the Sacred Lake of AN. As soon as we arrived, we put on our Magenta Ponchos and the energy instantly shifted to a completely new level. We were Timeless True Ones in physical forms. It felt amazing.

We quickly formed a procession and walked to the lake. There we formed a semi circle on the grass. The reason our circle was left open was so the lake could be an active participant with us.

Our ceremony began with the sound of pututus (conch shell trumpets), that were played to the sacred lake, then to the Four Directions, then into our circle.

Next we walked in a single line to the shores of the lake. Here we were handed the water bottles that we had prepared a few days before. One by one, we walked into the waters of the lake, where we spoke to the lake in star language, asking permission to hold our ceremony there. The lake was so happy that we had returned and welcomed us with many sparkles. Even the ducks and sea birds shared their joy at our presence.

We returned to our place on the grass and sat as Silent Watchers. We stood up and chanted HU TAWA HU, then we sat down and played our Drums of AN.

There was more that took place, but suddenly we knew that our ceremony was complete. We stayed at the lake for another hour, having lunch and sitting on the grass, basking in the energies.

It was a perfect day and a perfect ceremony that came from Pure Love and Trueness.

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