Embodying the New Reality at the Heart of AN!

We’ve been extremely busy for the past few weeks. I’ve been concentrating on rewriting and recalibrating my book “11:11” to bring it up to date so we can publish it as an eBook. Emanaku has been working on various projects ~ too many to describe. Eloy has been busy taking care of the gardens and doing needed maintenance. We’ve also been in the process of renewing our Peruvian residency which has required several trips to Cuzco.

Even though we are busy working much of the time, we are very aware of our responsibility to strongly anchor the New Reality into the physical during these tumultuous times. This is where much of our energy and focus is directed.

On November 26th, there was a worldwide call to prayer for Standing Rock. Since Standing Rock is serving as the Tip of the Point which is creating the Tipping Point for the entire planet, it felt essential to participate. We held a simple, but powerful, ceremony at the Heart of AN for this at the AN•Chakana. Emanaku and I sat on top of the chakana as the Silent Watchers of the Heart of AN and embraced all the Water Protectors at Standing Rock. At the end, we played the Drums of the North and South. Our ceremony felt very deep, True and far reaching.

We also need to raise the money for our final land payment of the exquisite sanctuary land. We still need $24,000 more by the middle of January. We don’t know how it will happen, but we know that it will. Any donations are DEEPLY appreciated! Here’s the link for donations: anvisible.com/donate

On Sunday, Eloy’s abuelita (Grandmother) came to visit for four days. She is so sweet and emanates such pure love! She loved being here and spent most of her days sitting on the grass spinning wool. It was an honor to have her here at the Heart of AN.

On Tuesday, Belissa arrived for two nights retreat in AN•Wasi. Although we had never met before, she felt immediately like true Family of AN. After a deeply transformative immersion into the energies of the New Reality, she left today looking like she had been at a spa and glowing with Love.

Now, we are catching up with our tasks, chasing needed paperwork, and preparing to write the December Surf Report. Most of all, we are holding the Beam of PURE HEART LOVE and TRUENESS. The New Reality is becoming stronger every day!

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