Immersion Into AN – Part One


After the Cards of AN Master Class was over, Lucia, Mina and Alberto departed and eight new people arrived! Ankasha from Mexico and Consuelo from the US and Chile came to serve as our new Spanish Translators.

Then there was the absolutely brilliant group of three couples from Argentina, brought by Lili! The three husbands originally thought that they were coming simply to accompany their wives, but that soon changed, as they realized their own deep connection to the Heart of AN.

All of the beloved Argentines were total Masters of Service! They constantly asked us, “What can we do to help?” This was music to our ears and we were so grateful for their help. They happily stacked our new load of firewood, helped Emanaku give baths to the cats and dogs and repaired our broken solar lights. They did all these tasks lightly, with their full beings and lots of love. This made us immensely happy.

We also experienced a setback during our May Events. Our trusty car, La Perla, broke down on her way back from a shopping trip to Urubamba on May 18th. On our one free day between events, Emanaku accompanied her in the tow truck to Cuzco. Apparently, the pump had malfunctioned and her engine had melted. Parts were ordered; a car was rented so we would have some form of transportation, then returned after two weeks to save money, which meant that we had no vehicle for the past week. Finally yesterday, June 8, Emanaku went to Cuzco and retrieved La Perla who is finally home at the Heart of AN.

The repairs and rental car cost us $2,900. This is a bit discouraging to us since we worked so hard to prepare and hold our Special Events. We had planned to use any money we made to pay back some of the loans we still owe for the purchase of the land for the Tower of AN. And now, much of it is gone.

• • • • ∆ • • • •

After our first day and a half of releasing our old ways of being, our One True Being reformed itself into an expanded configuration and the energies began to deepen.


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