Into the New True Year at the Heart of AN!

The last two weeks of December were super busy and much was accomplished here. The area around the Tower of Light of AN is now full of luscious grass and looks gorgeous. The energy is absolutely stunning!

On December 16th, we had our World Treasures Pop Up Sale at the Viva Peru Cafe and made enough money to live on for the rest of the month. On Christmas Eve, we went to Cuzco for the huge Santurantikuy Christmas Fair in the main plaza which is always a fun adventure. Even though we have a super minimal Christmas, we did put up Tibetan prayer flags around the outside of the AN•Chakana and enjoyed a surprise visit with Eloy’s partner, Juana and their beautiful new baby girl.

On New Year’s Eve the three of us made a Fire Ceremony to let go of the old and welcome the New. We put up fairy lights in the Octagon and quietly immersed ourselves in the energy. At midnight, we went up to the AN room and chose our personal Cards of AN for each month of the year. It was a good beginning to 2018.

Between Christmas and the New Year, I wrote the Year 2018 Surf Report (“Living Our Mastery” – read it here) and am now writing the one for January 2018. This time of year is always such a marathon for me, writing two Surf Reports in a row.

Next week, we really hope to have all the information, prices and registration forms online for our Special Events in May (dates and – soon – more information here) and apologize that it has taken so long. Even so, we already have filled up almost half of the spaces.

We are in the midst of preparing for our upcoming Alpacas of AN. Pedro is preparing the ground for their alpaca shelter and we hope to start the construction next week, if we can find someone to do the work. As soon as it’s ready and we manifest the funds to buy them, we will be able to get our Adorable Alpacas of AN. If you would like to help make this possible, you can do it here: or directly at our AN•Project “Alpacas of AN”.

2018 is going to be a momentous year in so many ways. We prepared for this year all last year. Now the Heart of AN feels READY!

WITH HUGE AN LOVE to our beloved Family of AN ~ Solara and Emanáku.

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