JUNE and JULY at the Heart of AN!

The past few months have been very quiet here. I have been focusing on finishing my new book of the stories of my life. Great progress has been made ~ 1200 pages done so far! ~ and we are hoping that it is complete before the end of the year.

In June, Emanaku and I made a quick visit to Laguna Huaypo ~ the sacred lake of the EL. The energies there felt amazing, as always.

Other than that, I have stayed home most of the time, writing. Emanaku made the necessary trips to Cuzco, always with a long To Do List.

We had one great visitor who came for a three day Transformational Retreat. While Noa was here, she took some amazing photos of the Heart of AN! We greatly enjoyed spending time with her.

Peru is still unusually quiet. There are some tourists here, but nothing like how it used to be. The village of Pisac is steadily reopening, but the magical Chinchero Sunday Market has been closed since March 2020. We really miss visiting our friends there.

Like many of you, we are still feeling very quiet and don’t want to leave this land and go out into the world much. We also haven’t sought out much interaction with people. This is perfect for book writing.

Yet everyday, the energies of the New Reality are all around us and they feel natural and True. We are deeply grateful to be here.

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