Kukuli’s Accident at the Heart of AN

It’s always strange how life can change in a moment. One day, we are creating an exquisite ceremony at a high mountain lake and four days later we are dealing with matters of life and death. On May 6, our sweet cria Kukuli fell and broke her leg. It was a bad break, which also disconnected the ligaments and tendons in her leg. Two separate veterinarians looked at her and said that her leg could not be saved. Our two choices were to put her to sleep or amputate half her leg. It was absolutely devastating for all of us here.

The next day, Kukuli had surgery to remove part of her leg. It was done here on the land with two veterinarians in attendance. Since then, her wound is steadily healing and Kukuli is learning to walk on three legs. All of the Alpacas of AN are being very loving and protective of her. When they walk from their house to the Tower of AN in the mornings, they now make pauses and give Kukuli the opportunity to rest. It’s very touching to see the love and support amongst them all.

Five days after Kukuli’s accident, Emanaku returned Phuyu to Pedro and Cecilia’s large herd up in Yanamayu. It was the right time for him to go and for our females to be by themselves.

Other than that, we are doing some needed maintenance on the land, such as cutting back the tortora reeds in our ecological sewage system, getting urgent dental work done and preparing for our June ceremonies. Our new planting in our vegetable garden is coming up and we are deeply grateful to have fresh, organic, delicious food to eat. And my new book is now 800 pages with more to come!

After a traumatic beginning to the month, we are all recovering. Kukuli is such a special love being and even when she was going through all this, she deepened the hearts of all whom encountered her. We thank you all for the outpouring of Love and Healing to our very loving Kukuli. We are sure that she felt it.

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