Love, Love, Love! (part 1)

To our magnificent ONE BEING IN ACTION!

We deeply honor the gifts of our ONE BEING IN ACTION to manifest the Heart of AN:

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September 29, 2012 Victoria K from USA.

July 15, 2012 Dario from Italy.

May 30, 2012 Catskill Mountain Massage from USA:

 Sending powerful purposeful energy towards this manifestation on the waves on one , in the heart of AN.

May 28, 2012 Eliane from Brazil:

 I’m really happy to support the Heart of AN!

May 27, 2012 A Friend from Spain:

May 25, 2012 Maria from New Zealand:

 PURE LOVE and deepest Gratitude to The HEART of AN !!!

May 18, 2012 Maria from Spain:

 Con Amor y Gratitud!!!!!

May 18, 2012 Maksym K from Russia (again!)

May 7, 2012 Laya from Germany:

Heart of AN: The chance to create something Unique on this planet.

Apr 17, 2012 Ongralea from Taiwan

Apr 16, 2012 Eugenia V from Argentina

Quiero ser parte de esto …

Apr 16, 2012 Josefina R with her Anchor Group from Argentina

Apr 16, 2012 Rita U with her Anchor Group from Argentina

Apr 15, 2012 Marina L from Russia

Apr 15, 2012 Karin from Germany:

This is a good opportunity to give something back!

Apr 10, 2012 Aco V

Mar 27, 2012 Natalia S from Russia

Feb 17, 2012 Walter T from Swizerland and Arizona

Feb 2, 2012 Martha F from Hungary:

Thank you, I love You! I highly appreciate the great work You are doing!

Jan 27, 2012 Patricia B from Argentina:

I deeply wish that the Heart of AN is activated, so that we are all encouraged to Live True Lives as True Ones

Jan 14, 2012 Mariam S from Russia

Jan 2, 2012 Maksym K from Russia:

I feel deep connection to all of you and AN. Wish you True Love and Prosperity on all your ways

Dec 28, 2011 Emanáku from Germany and Peru:

I am looking forward to see the Heart of AN shine …

Nov 26, 2011 Anonymous from Chile

Nov 20, 2011 Solara from Peru:

I believe our Heart of AN is really important for the world … and I dedicate my full being to it!!


Thank you all for helping to create the Heart of AN…

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