Rest and RESET at the Heart of AN

During this past week, we’ve completed our busy and very fun, visitor cycle of September. Now we are turning our attention to preparing for our October Special Events. We can feel the energies building up and know that October will be completely Off the Map!

It’s obvious that the Readers of the Cards of AN Class and the Conclave of the Family of AN are going to be quite powerful. We’ve had several cancellations, as well as several new registrations. This usually happens when there are going to be strong energies. We are very excited about what will take place here in October, especially when we place our Jewels in the Crown!

We still haven’t made our second land payment, as we are waiting for paperwork to be completed by the people we are buying it from. But it should happen later this week or next week. Then it will be time to create another miracle to raise the money for December’s final payment. But we know that it will happen, since it is already in the energy dynamic of The Dance. We just take it step by step.

There’s also a strong feeling of completion as we reach the end of September, which is a nine month in a nine year. We are doing our utmost to be ready for the influx of fresh new energies which will come in October.

And it’s still not too late to decide to join us in October. It will be momentous!

Information and Registration
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