AN•TAWA — FOUR ~ DAY SEVEN • October 24, 2023 ~ RAQCH’I — Part 1

We departed for Raqch’i at 4:00 in the morning for a three hour bus ride to the Temple of Wiracocha at Raqch’i. For most of our journey, it was raining, and although rain is greatly needed right now, we strongly hoped that it wouldn’t be raining when we arrived there. Even so, we were ready for anything!

We arrived in the plaza of Raqch’i which was empty and very quiet. No one was around until Martina Mamani, the Guardian of Raqch’i joined us. We were all so happy to see her again.

Then we formed a procession and walked to the sacred fountains. Being here again felt like coming home. We began our first ceremony at the fountains with the sound of our eight Pututus ~ TAWA • TAWA ~ announcing our arrival. It was magnificent to be here again! Like returning home.

Martina and I passed out our offerings of bottles of sacred water from the Heart of AN, which were then poured into the fountains one by one, by each of us. While we did this, we asked for permission to hold our ceremonies here. This always feels so sacred.

Then Martina took us to a small nearby stream that runs through the temple complex. The women stood in a row on the female side of the stream, with the men were in a line on the masculine side. Here we tossed some of the rose petals we had brought with us. Today, our petals were pink, white and magenta. Martina told us that this would be blessings and rain to Raqch’i.
Thus our first ceremony at Raqch’i came to an end. We still had three more ceremonies to do here. It was an exquisite beginning.


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