AN•TAWA — FOUR ~ DAY SEVEN • October 24, 2023 ~ RAQCH’I — Part 2

We made our second ceremony at Raqch’i at the high ceremonial place where we had been last May. It felt amazing to be here again.

The first thing that we did was to sit in a circle and fill it with a multitude of rose petals in pink, white and magenta. They had a totally different energy than our white rose petals at Qoricocha. Then it was time for our eight Pututus to announce that our second ceremony had begun!

Describing the AN•TAWA Ceremonies is nearly impossible. Even if we list what we did there, that is only the outer activities. What happens energetically during the Ceremonies is far beyond words.
This ceremony was very different than our ceremony at Qoricocha. At the lake, we felt our white rose petals traveling through all the Worlds within Worlds and deep within this planet, dissolving all the hardened knots of duality.

Here at Raqch’i our pink, white and magenta rose petals took everything to a totally new level. We felt our rose petals going deep into the planet, but this time, they brought the energy of the New Reality deep into the Earth.

That’s when we picked up our Drums of AN and drummed the New Reality deep within the planet. As we did, each rose petal traveled deeper and deeper into the earth, bringing the New Reality of AN with it. We drummed non-stop, with focused intent and Pure True Love, for a record breaking (for us) twenty minutes. It was very powerful and true.

Argon had created a special blend of sacred oils for these AN•TAWA Ceremonies and now went around our sacred circle, placing drops in each of our hands. The scent of the oils came directly from the Timeless True Worlds. It was amazing. Then he and Ankasha placed drops of this oil on the sacred male and female rocks in the middle of our circle. It felt honoring and profound, and was done with immense LOVE.

Next, sitting in the middle of our circle, Martina sang us a beautiful song, then we placed the Key of our One True Being into this sacred place. Our second ceremony at Raqch’i was now complete.


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