Catching Up at the Heart of AN: Part One

For the past few months, I’ve been concentrating on writing my new book. Now, I’m taking a break from it and trying to catch up on other things ~ like the Photo Journeys of the Heart of AN.

The first of August is the beginning of the Andean New Year. Every year, we make offerings of Pika Pika yellow confetti and red wine to Pachamama on this day. Emanaku, Pedro and his sons Yohjan and Alexander and I went around the entrances to the land and all our buildings giving our offerings. This year, we also made Mandalas of Kintus of Coca Leaves which were put into the Four Directions, as well as around the center of the Tower of AN. We ended up doing the SUN — MOON — AN Meditation together. Doing this takes a long time, but it feels good to do this.

Everything is still quiet here with few visitors, which is perfect for book writing. Emanaku read a printout of what I have written so far (around 1200 pages) and likes my book! My first reader! I still have the first and last sections to finish, as well as the Introduction and Afterword. Then I will begin another round of editing ~ this time incorporating Emanaku’s very helpful editing suggestions.

This Photo Journey takes us to the end of August. Part Two, which goes to the second week of October, will be uploaded in a few days. And then we will be caught up for awhile.

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