September at the Heart of AN

During the month of September, we focused on needed maintenance. German came over and thoroughly inspected the tile roof of our house so it would be ready for the upcoming rainy season. In the third week of September, Percy started repairing all the settling cracks in our house. (We had wanted to do this for several years.) This entailed moving all the furniture away from the walls and thoroughly dismantling everything in my office and our bedroom ~ my two most personal spaces.

Just when our energetic fields were in a state of chaotic dissolution, I became sick with a mystery illness and experienced a massive purge, like I’ve never experienced before, for around a week. It felt like my entire journey through the Detour of Duality was being cleaned out. All disappointments, distortions, deceptions and heartbreaks were forcibly flushed out of me.

At the same time this was happening, the New Reality became stronger and everything around me became stunningly beautiful. This sense of breathtaking, BEYOND BEAUTIFUL continues today.

This Photo Journey takes us to the end of the first week of October. We’re still not caught up, so I’ll start working on October soon.

And in the next Photo Journey, I’ll share some of the exciting, new inspirations which have been coming in.

Much Love to you all from all of us at the Heart of AN. Thank you for sharing this journey into the New True Reality!

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