Expanding Into the Invisible at the Heart of AN

We are living in such a paradox during these unusual times. There’s the surreal, science fiction, often ominous, outside world that just keeps getting stranger and stranger. And then there’s the world that we live in at the Heart of AN which is incredibly beautiful. And keeps getting even more beautiful! Here, everything is imbued with the energies of the New Reality ~ Timeless and True. These two, very different, worlds are such a stunning example of the different reality systems that are present on the planet right now.

But even when we go out into our immediate local world, it’s not nearly as terrible as the world at large. There’s a lot of love and mutual respect in our interactions with our friends, neighbors and those whom we encounter while doing our mundane errands. Somehow, our One True Being is getting stronger in the midst of everything. This love and kindness is a great help and source of strength to all of us. We are fortunate to be here in this part of Peru during this challenging time.

There were some visible changes at the Heart of AN from the middle of February to the middle of March. We hired Elio as a part time gardener. He’s our first professional gardener, who usually works at hotels. He and Pedro have been slowly transforming the land ~ area by area. They are creating new space by cleaning up the existing space. This has created an energetic expansion to the entire Heart of AN which feels wonderful. It also makes unexpected space for the new energies to enter. At the same time, we have noticed that the same thing is happening within us ~ our beings are expanding and new energies are coming in.

We also found the amazing Maria ~ the mother of a Peruvian friend of ours, who now comes once a week to help clean our house. After three weeks, she has transformed three rooms through in depth cleaning and her very grounded presence. We are grateful to have her here. She is a real treasure.

As for Emanaku and me ~ our energies seem to fluctuate day to day. We still have many days when we feel completely flattened and cannot achieve much. Yet, there are other days, when we can leap into action. After over a year of this, we are finally able to accept our times of Not Doing without guilt, knowing that we are working within the collective. We can surf the bouts of heavy energy, even though it sometimes takes us a while to emerge from them. And there are many moments of great clarity when we are anchored on the New Timeline!

Despite my best intentions, I never get caught up with these Photo Journeys. This Photo Journey only goes up to March 17. This means…..


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