Surprising New Arrivals at the Heart of AN

The 30th of January brought the arrival of Chaco ~ a male alpaca that we borrowed for a month from Pedro and Cecilia’s herd. His task was to impregnate our three female alpacas. In a few weeks, he will be returning to Yanamayo and in about a year, we will see if any new crias are born here.

On February 5, our new dog Tika arrived. We had seen her photo in a notice on Facebook that said she needed a new home. We weren’t looking for another dog, but there was something in her eyes that spoke to us. We also felt that Manzana was lonely and needed a friend since we had so few visitors during the last year. An hour after Tika arrived, there was the most exquisite double rainbow here ~ a very positive sign.

Even though we had many things to do, Emanaku and I were both in a deep state of quiet. It felt like we had both expanded far beyond the physical realm. This made us feel a bit distant from all that was happening all around us. Our friend Luzclara from Chile came for a three week private retreat at AN•Wasi. She was feeling as quiet as we were and we really enjoyed having her here.


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