Solara and Emanáku

Emanaku and Solara

Solara and Emanáku are the founders of the Heart of AN.


Solara is the Visionary of the 11:11 who facilitated all the 11:11 Planetary Activations. She has  written about AN and the Towers of Light of AN in several of her books which include:

• The Star-Borne: A Remembrance for the Awakened Ones
• The Legend of Altazar
• 11:11 – Inside the Doorway
• EL•AN•RA – The Healing of Orion
• How to Live Large on a Small Planet
• Invoking Your Celestial Guardians.

She is also the author of “The Cards of AN – the Ultimate, Interactive Tool for Living a True Life as a True One”.

“The creation of The Heart of AN is vitally important at this time as it is one of the primary anchoring points of the New Reality which must be in position before the flip over from duality to Oneness can take place. The Heart of AN is also the fulfillment of one of my Wildest Dreams. I am deeply grateful that the time has finally come for  us to remember our connection to AN so we can LIVE TRUE LIVES AS TRUE ONES and share this experience with others.”


Emanáku has worked as a scientist, a computer specialist and as a professor. All his life long he was interested to see how all the different levels of our Being on planet Earth play together and nourish each other.

“With the 11:11 Doorway I found the right way to connect all these levels and expand their well being all over the planet in a deeply heartfelt way. The Heart of AN will shine and it will be felt all over the world. I am deeply touched by this vision and by being a part of it … I am looking forward to see how everybody’s heart turns into a Heart of AN.”

With great love, we take it to the place where it will be buried in the ground.