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2019 EL•AN•RA Ceremonies Part 1 – March and May 2019

March’s Special Ceremonies of EL•AN•RA! ~ One ~ The First Two Lakes

On March 7, we made three small ceremonies of the EL•AN•RA ~ the three Stars in the Belt of Orion that are the pinions which keep this dimensional universe anchored into duality. These ceremonies took place at the three sacred lakes near here which correspond with the three Stars in Orion’s Belt. There were nine [ Read More…. ]

May’s Special Ceremonies of EL•AN•RA ~ Two ~ At the Sacred Lake of RA!

May 2nd felt like the perfect day to complete the first round of EL•AN•RA Ceremonies that we began on March 7. Back then, we were unable to reach the third Sacred Lake of Qoricocha ~ which was the lake which corresponds with RA ~ the third star in Orion’s Belt. Back in March, we tried [ Read More…. ]

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