The AN•Chakana is Coming to Life!

The most exciting development this week at The Heart of AN is the creation of our AN•Chakana. This will be the focal point of our ceremonies here. Although none of us have ever made anything like this, probably because this is the only AN•Chakana on the planet, it is turning out far better than we visualized. It is both extremely powerful and very comfortable. It already feels amazing to interact with it. Although it is small in size, it feels vast. And we love how the river rocks covering the sides integrate it with the earth. There is still much to do on it, but we may get it finished this week!

Next week, Emanaku and I will finish designing the ceremonial staffs of Sun, Moon, Inka Sun-Moon and AN which will be used in our ceremonies. Then we will take them to the same iron worker in Urubamba who made all the Beacons of AN on top of our buildings here.

While the AN•Chakana is being built, Victor, Basilio and Claudio are still painting the exterior of our house. This will probably take another week to finish. We still have to buy more fruit trees and flowers and get them planted. We haven’t had any time to put the finishing touches in AN•Wasi, but the interior of AN•Tika is now painted. There’s still quite a bit to do there such as installing window fasteners, installing more lights and waxing the floors. The water line to our small bañitos was found and a leak was repaired. They now have new doors, but they need painting…. by me. Always so much to do.

I am also very busy doing the final edit of the book for my “Cards of AN” which is very exciting. Then we will take it to the printer in Cuzco to get an estimate of the price and somehow manifest the money to pay for the printing, plus get the bags for the cards made.

We are very much in the Final Miles here. We are also at the very end of our money and are finding it super challenging each week to come up with the funds to pay for our workers and any needed building materials. We really don’t like to ask for donations when there are places like Nepal where the need is so great, but it’s so important that we complete these Final Miles. Situations like Nepal show us how critical it is to birth the new anchor points as quickly as possible.

Here’s the link to make a donation:

We also feel the New Reality that is being born very strongly. We feel this, every single day. It’s a big responsibility for us, but we also feel much joy and fulfillment from being a part of this. We are deeply grateful to be able to serve in this manner.

There’s a huge shift coming in June – July. A Great Convergence which will take many of us to a totally new level. For some, it will be absolutely life changing. Right now, we are rowing with all that we have just to get tthere….. ♥

And if you want to visit us – why not come to one or more of our special events in June/July 2015?

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1 thought on “The AN•Chakana is Coming to Life!”

  1. Angelika says:

    Dearest Solara,

    Wow, the An-Chakana looks stunning, and delicate and powerful, and it contains so much information!!!

    I can’t wait to touch it myself.

    Pure true love,


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