Still in the Final Miles at The Heart of AN!

It was yet another, super busy week at The Heart of AN. It was very exciting to finish the painting of our house. The final pieces of scaffolding are being removed today. The bancos have finally been painted so they match the house. Everything feels so sparkling white and clean.

The construction of the AN•Chakana was completed on Saturday afternoon and it feels amazing. Now, we have a month of keeping it wet so the cement can dry without cracking. We also have to keep it covered with a tent to protect it from the elements. So, it’s ready, but not quite ready, for our official Activation of the Heart of AN Ceremony. Actually, this could be said for the entire Heart of AN at this moment.

Since Mercury is now going retrograde, we suddenly realized that we never lacquered the beams (palos) inside AN•Wasi and AN•Tika. So today, Victor, Basilio and Claudio will begin with sanding and lacquering all the beams inside and outside the casitas. They will also sand our wooden entry gate and give it a much needed, new coat of varnish.

Rucio is back this week and is busy planting grass around the back and sides of our house, planting fruit trees, cutting dead tree branches and weeding around the flowers.

Emanaku and I still have so much to do; it’s a bit overwhelming. There is furniture to buy and paint for the casitas, doors to paint for the bañitos, door and window fasteners, towel racks, mirrors, a stove and toilet paper holders to install. Plus, we still still have to design the four ceremonial staffs for our land and get them made. These will correspond with the four entrances to the AN•Chakana. After everything else is done, we have to find places for all the left over building supplies and totally reorganize and clean our entire house!

We’ve been working non stop on the “Cards of AN” to get them ready for printing. We were at the printer in Cuzco yesterday and will be getting a quotation for the printing in the next few days and really hope that it isn’t too expensive. The book is looking good! Next week, I have to find time to hand sew a prototype bag for the cards and book and organize someone to make them.

We honestly don’t know how we will get everything ready in time for our June – July Special Events, but somehow we will. Since we have so much to do in a very short time, we won’t be able to have visitors here until the final class is over in July. But there is still space to participate in some of our activities. Here’s the link to more information:

We are also feeling powerful surges of energy that are propelling us towards the Great Convergence at the end of June. It’s a feeling of many people leaping on their horses and riding from all the directions to a predetermined meeting point. Such a strong gathering together of Right People in the Right Place at the Right Time! Whenever I feel the energy of this impending Convergence, it makes me almost breathless with excitement!

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