We just had a super wild, ridiculously busy week here. But without much sleep, we managed to finish “The Cards of •AN•” and took the book and cards to the printer on Tuesday. Tomorrow or Monday, we will return to Cuzco to look over the proofs. On Saturday we will meet with a seamstress in Pisac to talk with her about making the colorful bags for the “Cards of •AN•” from traditional Peruvian fabrics.

For the past week, Victor and his crew have been lacquering the beams inside and outside of AN•Tika. Now, they are doing AN•Wasi. This entails that we move everything out of the living room and kitchen for a few days. It’s a perfect Mercury Retrograde, Ho’o Pono Pono, Making Things Right action which is lots of work, but necessary. This will be the final project for Victor, Basilio and Claudio until we have the time and money for more construction.

German was supposed to come this week to create a path of river rocks to our house, but he didn’t show up. Maybe he will come next week….. If not, it will be just us and Justo, who has been our temporary guardian. This will be the first time in nearly two years without workers on the land!

We still have an incredible amount of things to do before our first visitors arrive in the middle of June. AN•Wasi needs curtains bought and installed, window screens made and its refrigerator (which is currently in our house). AN•Tika needs window fasteners and screens, curtains, kitchen cabinet doors, drawers and stove installed. We have to buy a bed, mattress, dining table and chairs for it, put up the bathroom mirror and much more.

The bañitos still need the doors painted, toilet paper holders, towel racks, mirrors and door latches installed. And after that, our house needs a complete reorganization, thorough cleaning and total recalibration once we finally remove all the building supplies from it.

We also have to design the AN staffs for our ceremony, get them made and put pipes in cement in the ground to hold them. Finally, we will outline our paths with solar lights and place wind chimes and bells in the trees. All of these tasks have to be done by Emanáku and me in the next two weeks. Plus, there’s the June Surf Report to write!

We’ve been doing these Final Miles with practically no money. Your donations have been extremely helpful. Thank you from the depths of our hearts! And so have been the workers who have agreed to defer their salary for a week or two until we have more money. But we still have to manifest the payment for over 50% of the printing costs before we can pick up the cards and book. We will be so, so happy when we no longer have to live with this constant financial pressure. If you would like to help us, here is our donation link: anvisible.com/donate/

We have invited all the workers who have helped us create The Heart of AN to our Activation on June 30th. This will give some of you the opportunity to meet them and thank them for their accomplishments.

At this moment, what is propelling us forwards is a sense of rising excitement. We can feel the energies for the Great Convergence taking place in June and July ever increasing. Humanity is stirring all over the world. We are ready to birth a New World!

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