Preparing for the Great Convergence!

This week brought us lots of changes at The Heart of AN. Last week was the final week here for Victor, Basilio and Claudio. They will return next week for one day to help us prepare for our June 30th Activation by putting tubes in the ground to hold our ceremonial staffs and flags. It feels strange without them here and I know that they feel this too. It’s the end of an era…. But they have promised to return when we are ready for more construction.

So now it’s just us and Justo…. Emanáku and I have been super busy trying to get everything accomplished. On Sunday, we thoroughly cleaned AN•Wasi which was covered in dust from sanding the beams. Very appropriate actions for Mercury Retrograde. Then, we had to put all the furniture back into position and put everything back onto the walls. Now, it’s almost ready for visitors!

Monday we spent at the printers in Cuzco going over the proofs of the book and cards. As soon as they are ready to print the cards, we will return to Cuzco to help them mix good, clear colors. (This is one of my biggest concerns since clear, true colors are very important to me and they don’t seem to have them here.) The printers promise that everything will be ready by the middle of June.

We also visited the seamstress in Pisac who made a sample card bag for us. After hastily simplifying the design to make it more affordable while at lunch in Cuzco, we dropped off the revised design on our way home. Today, Emanaku is picking up a sample of the new design. She also promises that everything will be ready by the middle of June.

On Tuesday, I turned my attention to working on the June Surf Report and cleaning up AN•Tika and the bañitos. Emanáku installed toilet paper holders, towel racks, mirrors and paintings. Plus Aristo arrived with the doors for the kitchen cabinets. AN•Tika is starting to look super cute!

Aside from finishing the June Surf Report, which will take me a few more days, we still have much to do. There’s a fridge to put into AN•Wasi and a stove to install in AN•Tika. As soon as the Surf is done, we need to take the designs of our ceremonial staffs to the iron worker in Urubamba so he can make them. We still need to buy a bed and kitchen table for AN•Tika. And we need to decide where we are putting the tubes into the ground to hold the ceremonial staffs and flags so the tubes can be cemented into position. And then, there’s the total reorganization and cleaning of our house to get it ready before people arrive.

We are honored to get permission from Matisha to sell downloads of his inspiring song, “The Family of AN” on our Nvisible Mercado so it can be available for those who wish to align with the Activation of the Heart of AN. This song hasn’t been available for years and we are very happy to have it on our Mercado. Here is the link:

After I finish the June Surf Report, we will create a new event page here called, “Aligning with the Activation of the Heart of AN. Here we will have all the details of how to align with us during the Activation, either individually or with a group.

We are still in urgent need of funds to help pay for everything that is being accomplished during our Final Miles. We have deferred payment to several of our workers and building supply stores and now have to catch up. The big item is the final payment for “The Cards of AN”. After that, we should be OK.

We deeply thank everyone who has helped us to create The Heart of AN. Your support has been invaluable on many levels. If you wish to make a donation to The Heart of AN, you can do it at:

We are galloping at full speed to our Grand Convergence! With a showering of HEART OF AN LOVE to all of you!!

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