Busy, Busy, Busy at The Heart of AN

We have been in full action mode here this week! Victor and Basilio have returned to create the tubes in the ground that will hold our ceremonial staffs and banners for the Activation of the Heart of AN on June 30th. Rucio has also returned with an unknown helper to clean up the land and take care of the gardens. Your donations have helped make this possible. Thank you so much!

Our four ceremonial Staffs of AN are being made and we will get them on Saturday. Once I paint them, we will take them to Aristo to attach to their wooden poles. They are going to be quite amazing!

My book and cards are still at the printer in Cuzco. We will go there early tomorrow morning for the final color mix for the cards. We will also buy more fabric for the card bags which are being made by a seamstress in Pisac. Hopefully, everything will be ready next week.

There are around 330 cards in the four decks of “The Cards of AN”, so we are only printing 100 sets of cards at this time, plus 1000 books. That’s 30,000 cards which we will have to sort into 100 card sets. I know that some of you have been wanting to order “The Cards of AN”, and as soon as we have the final price, they will be available for ordering!

We finally put information on Aligning with the Activation of the Heart of AN on our ANvisible website. The information is also available in German and Spanish, and soon in Russian. Here is the link: https://anvisible.com/alignment-with-the-activation-of-the-heart-of-an/ In a few days, we will create a Facebook page for those who are aligning with us, so you can share your locations, creative ideas, experiences and photos.

As we reach the last few steps of our Final Miles, Emanáku and I are in a state of profound exhaustion. And there is still so much to do! Fortunately, Arbaline, Alanah, Maria and Yoko arrive here on Monday to stay in AN•Wasi and help us with the final preparations. Sebastian, Petra and Ursulai arrive on the 18th and our first class begins on June 20th!

So this is our last week alone here until the middle of July. It’s definitely the end of an era. The end of our almost two year construction period and the true beginning of the Heart of AN!!! ♥


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