AN is the New Reality ~ the Sun and Moon as One Being.

The Heart of AN in the Sacred Valley of the Inkas, Peru,
is an anchor point of the New Reality.

The Heart of AN is founded by Emanáku
and Solara, the Visionary of the 11:11.



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The AN•Chakana became very activated during their visit. Photo by Karin

Transformational Retreats at the Heart of AN

We offer personalized, Transformational Retreats at the Heart of AN that are customized to fit what you most need. These retreats include one or two readings with the Cards of AN, accomodation and breakfasts in our exquisite guest house ~ AN•Wasi ~ which is a totally self contained one bedroom house, plus special activities with Solara and Emanaku. There is no set plan for your Heart of AN Transformational Retreat until after your first Reading with the Cards of AN. Then we will create with you the perfect Retreat. Transformational Retreats can be organized for three - six days. And we only do one per month ... Read More

Solara’s Surf Report for 2019 – Turning the Tide

2019 is a powerful year of New Beginnings and Turning the Tide. It's the Year of Stepping into the New Reality as our predominant reality and discovering a wondrous New Landscape all around us. There will be numerous Green Lights for those who are walking their True Paths. Yet, 2019 is not a year for continuing with our old "normal" pursuits ~ for remaining on our old paths will only lead to breakdowns, obstacles and failure. Read the full Surf ... Read More
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The Meditation of Sun•Moon•AN•Earth

Here is a link to our video of the Sun • Moon • AN • Pachamama Meditation. This is a simple, but powerful practice that is extremely effective in dissolving duality, while keeping us grounded. If we do this meditation every day, it will have a powerful effect. It will OPEN DOORS of Transformation and create Monolithic Shifts. And it only takes a few minutes to do. ... Read More
Here's the AN•Labyrinth when it was half done. The difference is stunning and the magenta light of AN is already pouring in! It feels like the AN•Labyrinth has been reborn on a totally new level. Photo by Keenuane.

The New Reality of AN ~ visible ~

Watch how the New Reality manifests at the Tower of Light of AN: ... Read More



We have been blessed with so many Sunbows this year. This one was on January 23 at 9:00 am.


The past few weeks have been full of a noticeable deepening here, with various highs and lows. On the plus side, we had a wonderful visit with the magical Mikael King. Emanaku finished a new shelf for Kusi•Wasi. Then last Sunday, we had to return four of our beloved alpacas ... Read More
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Our very sweet Temple of the Four Elements. It looks small here, but once you are inside it, it feels so much larger.

Through the Eclipse Corridor at the Heart of AN!

The past week was rather intense and action-packed. First of all, there was the extremely powerful Lunar Eclipse last Sunday. The energies of the Eclipse continue to be strongly felt here. I have had little sleep since last Saturday and have developed cold like symptoms with constant chills and fever ... Read More
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On New Year's Eve, Amilcar and Wilbert finished creating our new fireplace ~ just in time for the New Year!

Completing Our New Projects at the Heart of AN!

After several months of concentrated focus, our new projects are complete! Emanaku’s new workshop, KUSI•WASI, has been moved into and he is already busy making work tables and shelves for it. It is such a brilliant addition to the Heart of AN. And last week, we completed TAWA•WASI, our small ... Read More
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Alexander really likes our new curved bridge. We are still waiting for German to return to remove the wood underneath it.

Setting the Templates for 2019 at the Heart of AN!

SETTING THE TEMPLATES FOR 2019 at the Heart of AN! We have been super busy completing our two ongoing projects so we will be ready for the magnificent year of 2019. Nothing is finished yet, but we have made great progress. Emanaku is already moving into KUSI•WASI and has started ... Read More
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