AN-03 Creating an Organic Vegetable Garden

It’s time for the Heart of AN to have its own organic vegetable garden!

We envision a raised bed organic garden in the shape of a mandala which would be either an octagon or a circle. Two small paths would lead inside the mandala.

Here we would grow organic lettuce, arugula, scallions, chives, Bok Choy, several varieties of peppers ~ jalapeños, Thai & banana peppers which aren’t available in Peru ~ garlic, radishes, pumpkins, yellow squash, zuccini, rhubarb and snow peas, as well as a variety of both medicinal and kitchen herbs.

Organic produce is not yet readily available in Peru and it would be good to have some here on the land. We already have the organic seeds; now we just need the garden to plant them in!

We are currently working on the final design of our garden which will have inner and outer paths of river rock, two built-in seats inside the garden for communing with the plants, and possibly a beautiful, tiled spiral area in the center for herbs and flowers.

We also need to make a river rock path going down the hill from the driveway to the garden.


The picture shows the approximate location of the garden. The material in the picture will be used to fill a big part of the raised bed. It will then serve as kind of “compost under the planter” and will give nutrients to the veggies for years.

A preliminary design for the round garden could look like this:


An irrigation ditch will be prolonged from the new AN•Sonqo land so we are able to water the garden without a new installation of tubes.

We would like the first vegetable garden of AN to be both beautiful and practical. To be efficient as well as inspiring. A special place where the plants are infused with the AN energy and grow with much love.

Black organic soil, wood to build the raised beds, cement and river rocks for the paths, cement and tiles for the two seats, as well as fencing around the perimeter.

We would love to have the garden planted during the rainy season which is from October – April.

AN-03 Creating an Organic Vegetable Garden




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