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The Meditation of Sun • Moon • AN

November 10, 2018

A New OPEN DOOR Manifests at the Heart of AN!

The new tomato plants in our garden are already flowering! Behind them are carrots, beets and radishes!

For the past few weeks, we have been in Action-Mode at the Heart of AN. In October, we experienced an OPEN DOOR when we visited a friend’s small Workshop. Emanaku and I both instantly knew that it was time to build a Workshop here. It was absolutely unquestionable and as soon as we returned home, [ Read More…. ]

Lots of Action at the Heart of AN!

September 23, 2018
The Kantu is the flower of Pachamama. Here it is being kissed by the Sun.

Last week was rather action-packed. On Tuesday, German and his crew arrived to build our new canal system, plus a small pool for the alpacas. They will return in early October to finish the job. Also on Tuesday, we had a short visit with Gloria and her friend. It was fun to show Gloria all [ Read More…. ]

Our Ever Expanding Family of AN at the Heart of AN!

September 12, 2018
On September 5, Manuela and her amazing group arrived from Austria to spend two nights and two days at the Heart of AN. Here is Karin and Manuela. Photo by Manuela.

On September 5, a small group from Austria arrived to stay here for two nights and two love-filled days. We so enjoyed meeting more of our beloved Family of AN ~ Manuela, Silke, Karin and Doris. It always feels so right to share the amazing energies of the New Reality with those who deeply appreciate [ Read More…. ]

Preparing, Preparing, Preparing at the Heart of AN!

September 9, 2018
The Alpacas of AN are letting us come closer and closer. We've even petted a few!

For the past few weeks, we’ve been in the midst of preparations, cleaning and reorganizing the Heart of AN, on level after level. Exquisite new energies are pouring in and we have the feeling that we have to recalibrate everything. What’s wonderful is that some special people are appearing to help us with all that [ Read More…. ]

A New TIMELESS TRUE WORLD Emerges at the Heart of AN!

August 24, 2018
An exquisite evening sky at the Heart of AN.

We are still on a super Fast Track at the Heart of AN. This is one powerful creative surge! Last week, with German and his crew, major progress took place in the area of our new vegetable garden. What was a complete surprise is how deeply the energy is transforming there. It is becoming far [ Read More…. ]

CREATIVE SURGE at the Heart of AN!

August 20, 2018
At 6:00 in the morning, the Alpacas of AN decided to visit AN•Wasi and play with Cachorro.

For the past few weeks, we’ve been surfing a massive creative surge here. Every day is exciting and full of myriad things to do. We are doing our best to keep up with it all, but it’s nearly impossible. My book is now 352 pages and I’m writing on it whenever I have a chance. [ Read More…. ]

Honoring Pachamama at the Heart of AN

August 10, 2018
We had a huge snow in the nearby Apus. The snow was the largest one we have seen here.

Although we are getting a few warm, sunny days, it’s still a cold winter here, perfect for quiet contemplation. I’m still writing my new book, except for when I’m writing a Surf Report. This is such a strong time for looking at everything ~ the state of the world and our personal journeys ~ and [ Read More…. ]


July 29, 2018
On July 15, Emanaku made another trip to the high Andean community of Yanamayo to pick up some more crias. The moment he arrived, Pedro and Cecilia appeared with a herd of alpacas, but it wasn't their herd! They were retrieving two of their alpacas who had decided to join someone else's herd.

This time of quiet at the Heart of AN is serving us well. It doesn’t mean that we’re doing nothing ~ we still have way too much to do. But it’s helpful not to have much social interaction with people so we can concentrate on recalibrating and resetting everything ~ both inside and outside of [ Read More…. ]

Trying to Keep Warm at the Heart of AN!

July 19, 2018
Peru is having a very cold winter this year. Lots of fresh snow on the nearby Apus.

We’re having a much colder winter than usual here. The nearby Apus are covered with snow. The wood stove in our living room is going all day and we are doing our best to stay warm. We are so happy that we are taking care of some of Pedro’s baby alpacas. The smallest one, whom [ Read More…. ]