In this blog we keep you updated with the Heart of AN

Ho’o Pono Pono at the Heart of AN!

The first day of March began with an emergency visit from our plumber Olger to repair a broken pipe in the water pump for our house.

The last few weeks have been full of making things right. We had a dead car battery on a Sunday and couldn’t find our jumper cables, but after several hours, finally got it going. We dealt with a broken pipe on our water pump and still have one more broken pipe to fix. And we’ve [ Read More…. ]

The Triangulation Mudra (Part I)

Solara explains and demonstrates the Triangulation Mudra (Part I) at the Heart of AN:

Unexpected Changes at the Heart of AN!

Low morning clouds above the Heart of AN.

February began with a fiesta and our final land payment. But that was just the beginning of a wild roller coaster ride. As we were going up that long first hill, little did we know what surprises were ahead of us. Eloy and his brother Elvin were busy creating the new public path on the [ Read More…. ]

Miracle Accomplished at the Heart of AN!

Many of the dancers wear masks, often with blue eyes which look so strange.

Yesterday, after several delays beyond our control, we finally made the last payment on our exquisite AN•Sonqo Sanctuary land! What almost seemed impossible last June was accomplished with the help of our beloved Family of AN (YOU!). And it feels perfect that it was done with your help, rather than just by us. This special [ Read More…. ]

Mega Breakthroughs at the Heart of AN!

We went over to our exquisite new AN•Sonqo Sanctuary Land the other day with Eloy and discussed what we would do there in the next few months to prepare it for the Activation of the Tower of Light of AN on May 23.

WE DID IT! We now have the money to buy our AN•Sonqo Sanctuary Land. Beloved Family of AN ~ THANK YOU, Thank You, thank you! We are deeply touched by your support and know that we could not have done this without you! <3 Last June when the AN•Sanctuary land became available for sale, it [ Read More…. ]

A New, True Year at the Heart of AN!

On January 3rd, we greatly enjoyed a visit with Matteo and Chalo from France and Chile! Chalo used to live in the Sacred Valley and was the Overseer of the building of our house. He loves to return here and see all the progress we have made. And we love to see them! They now live in Concepcion, Chile where they have the delicious Panaderia 44!

Since the day after Christmas, I’ve been immersed in writing my two Surf Reports ~ one for 2017 and one for January. It is always such a marathon to do two Surf Reports back to back. They were finally finished on January 7th. Since then, we have been super busy trying to complete various projects. [ Read More…. ]


We are in the process of getting the money together to make our second payment for the exquisite Sanctuary land in three weeks.

BUYING OUR NEW, SACRED LAND TO EXPAND THE HEART OF AN Update of  January 12: AMOUNT STILL NEEDED = 4,000 USD We are in the midst of buying a beautiful, small piece of land with exquisite, pure energy which adjoins the Heart of AN.  We’ve been wanting to buy this land since we first saw [ Read More…. ]

Solara’s Surf Report 2017 – Stepping In and Living True


“This is exactly what is needed right now. We need to Triangulate duality by creating a Third Point which is beyond duality. This Third Point is located in the Invisible and is the New Reality of AN. The Third Point represents our True Nature. It is Oneness. It is the Ultra Greater Reality. It is [ Read More…. ]

The AN • Labyrinth from the Air


The AN•Labyrinth (with wishes for 2017) from Emanáku on Vimeo.

Sacred Pause at the Heart of AN!

Luna and Manzana love sitting outside the house together. Such sweet, loving girls!

We are in the midst of clearing out expired energies and recalibrating as much as we can. We know that everything must be moved onto a new level for 2017, even here at the Heart of AN. Our main focus right now is raising the money for the final land payment of our beautiful and [ Read More…. ]