In this blog we keep you updated with the Heart of AN

More Beautiful Every Day at the Heart of AN!

Magenta light pours into the Heart of AN on November 17. Photo by Keenuane.

Yes, it’s truly becoming more beautiful here every single day. The energy of the New Reality of AN is becoming increasingly visible and it feels amazing! Yesterday, Germán and his crew finished their work here, The work originally began on September 11 and was supposed to take a few weeks. This included several weeks off [ Read More…. ]

Visible Progress at the Heart of AN!

On Monday, we went to Cuzco to do various errands. In the market, we bought more magenta cloth to make bags for the Cards of AN. I love buying it from this lady since we always count the meters of cloth in Quechua together, which is a lot of fun, plus good Quechua practice. Photo by Keenuane.

This last week had a lot of stop and go energy as the Green Lights turned to Red and then, totally unexpectedly, back to Green. After four days of waiting to put in the floor of the new octagon in which no one showed up to work, early in the morning on Wednesday they arrived! [ Read More…. ]

Fresh Energy at the Heart of AN!

Flowers by the entrance to the Tower of AN. Everything looks so lovely with the new grass. Photo by Keenuane.

This past week has been one of renewal. November began auspiciously with three huge Moonbows on four consecutive nights. Emanaku has been going to the Tower of AN in the early morning and taking incredible photos of the amazing lights that appear. We are including a few in this week’s photos, but he is also [ Read More…. ]

‘A MU’A at the Heart of AN!

New grass is starting to grow in the bare areas on the left of the Tower of AN and soon it will be full. The energies already feel amazing! Photo by Sebastian.

Everything is moving forward at the Heart of AN, whether or not, we feel ready. It’s been wonderful having Sebastian and Keenuane here with us. They have been a great help, especially when we were so worn out. Sebastian, Emanaku and Manzana have had periods of transformational sickness, I’ve had times when I’ve been totally [ Read More…. ]

Quiet Renewal at the Heart of AN!

The Tower of AN with a backdrop of burned mountains.

During the past week, there’s been a noticeable change of energy here. Of course, this was greatly aided by the arrival of Sebastian from Germany and Keenuane from Mexico on October 17th. Together, we’ve all been resting, cleaning and recalibrating. Just being together is deeply healing for all of us. Already a creative surge is [ Read More…. ]

Seared in the Fires of Transformation at the Heart of AN!

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 30: The fire started around midday in a nearby village. By Sunday, it began to come over the mountain next to the Heart of AN.

The past week was rather intense here. On Saturday another fire broke out two villages away from us. These fires happen when locals burn their fields and garbage and leave them unattended during the strong afternoon winds of this time of year. Since we are at the end of our six month dry season, the [ Read More…. ]

Recalibration and Renewal at the Heart of AN!

Putting stone tiles and white shells into the Eleventh Circle with Great Love and concentration.

For the past week, much of our focus has been on the reconfiguration of the Tower of AN. I feel that by the time it is complete, my ankle will be totally healed. That’s how connected we are. We’ve now completed the Eleven Circles of the Tower and today will make the three small bridges [ Read More…. ]

Red Lights and RESET at the Heart of AN!

August 27 was the last day that I was able to do my weekly washing of the center of the Tower of AN.

Where to begin? For us, the Red Lights turned on at the end of August. On August 29, I missed the small bottom step at the Post Office in Cuzco and had a hard fall onto the concrete which sprained my ankle. Suddenly, I couldn’t walk! Not only that, but I was plunged into a [ Read More…. ]

Feeling the Eclipse at the Heart of AN!

Last week, we built a new rock wall and planted some lily bulbs to the left of the entrance to the Tower of AN. Pedro's two sons, Percy and Alexander helped us.

For the past few weeks, we have been feeling flattened and extremely expanded by the energies of last Monday’s Total Solar Eclipse. Yet, in the midst of it all, we carried on with needed maintenance here such as repainting some walls, varnishing our benches and ordering a truckload of firewood. We’ve also been preparing to [ Read More…. ]

Preparing for the Unexpected at the Heart of AN!

I'm still washing the center of the Tower of Light of AN every Sunday.

The past few weeks have zoomed by. It feels like it’s essential to remain ultra aware and to expect the Unexpected at all times. It also feels important to get as much accomplished as possible, as soon as possible, for there is something huge coming that we don’t yet see. Because of this, we’ve been [ Read More…. ]