A Big Breakthrough at the Heart of AN!

Our big news is that on Saturday, we finally signed the contract to buy the AN•Sonqo Sanctuary land! The Dance of this process took many weeks of effort, but was finally accomplished with great joy.

We made our first payment and signed all the papers. The second payment is due in September and if we receive all the pledged donations and loans by then, we will be able to pay it. The final payment will be in December and for this, we still need to raise $28,000. But we know that somehow, it will happen!

We could not do this without your support and our hearts are overflowing with huge LOVE and GRATITUDE to our magnificent 11:11 Family of AN who are helping us achieve the “Impossible”.

We are also super busy organizing our two special events here in October:
The Cards of AN Master Class: anvisible.com/evs/cats/rocclasses/

and the Conclave of the Family of AN: anvisible.com/evs/conclave-2016/

Emanaku is working out the final glitches in the registration form and it will be online either today or tomorrow.

The Cards of AN Master Class is a truly amazing, deeply transforming experience in which you will not only learn a lot about the energies of each card, but most importantly, you will learn a lot about yourself. You will align yourself to your Truest Path and experience numerous revelations and breakthroughs.

With the crazy and challenging times we are in, the Conclave of the Family of AN is proving to be an extremely important and timely gathering.

There are three main aspects to the Conclave:


PACHACUTI is the time we are in according to the Q’eros of Peru. It is when we must return to our True, Authentic Selves. This is an important part of the Great Awakening that is taking place.

ANCHORING THE NEW REALITY OF AN is essential so that we can create stabilization pinions to aid in the much needed shift of reality systems from duality to Oneness.

The JEWELS IN THE CROWN was the Keynote of the final 11:11 Activation of Eleventh Gate in 2012. Since then, we have been steadily becoming the Jewels. Several years ago, I had a strong revelation which showed me that when all the Jewels were placed into the Crown, a great change would occur on a magnitude that is presently beyond words.

This is what we will be doing during our momentous Conclave of the Family of AN! And it has now become obvious that the location where we will place our Jewels into the Crown is on our new piece of land, right in the spot where the beam of light appeared a few weeks ago.

All of this needs to be done by our gathering together on the physical at the Heart of AN. This is why we really hope that many of you will feel the call to come. This work is so needed at this time. And the Heart of AN is the truest place where we can do it!

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