A New OPEN DOOR Manifests at the Heart of AN!

For the past few weeks, we have been in Action-Mode at the Heart of AN. In October, we experienced an OPEN DOOR when we visited a friend’s small Workshop. Emanaku and I both instantly knew that it was time to build a Workshop here. It was absolutely unquestionable and as soon as we returned home, the right place for it showed itself to us. It was obvious that it is going to be more than a Workshop ~ a new Timeless True World wants to come in.

At the end of October, German and his crew arrived and set to work. We’ve never seen anything manifest so quickly. The walls are already built and the roof is going on today! It’s rather amazing how fast it is going up. After the outer structure is built, we will turn our attention to moving our car port and firewood pile a few meters to the right. Next, the walls of the Workshop need to be plastered, then we will find a carpenter to build numerous shelves and work tables.

When the new Workshop is ready, a great reshuffling will take place as building materials, tools and garden supplies move there from our house. This will free up new storage space in our laundry room for other things.

At the same time, we are still in the process of planting our vegetable garden. The plants already in position are flourishing! There is still much to be done there. Plus, I wrote the November Surf Report and we made a video of the new SUN • MOON • AN Meditation which I highly recommend.

We are also dealing with Ho’o Pono Pono-ing some elements from our past. The carrizo walls of our “stage” area next to our AN•Labyrinth were full of bugs and had to be removed. Now we are waiting to discover what this building REALLY wants to be. As soon as we know what it is, we will create it.

The Alpacas of AN are happy with their new grassy areas and are a constant joy in our lives. We even have a new visitor this week! David from New Zealand is here for three days! He was here last year during the time of our fire. It’s good to see him again.


Here is the Sun • Moon • AN meditation video:

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1 thought on “A New OPEN DOOR Manifests at the Heart of AN!”

  1. ongralea pamela arychuk says:

    The Heart of AN is beautiful! We are blessed by its presence. One could practice Timeless True Living easily here!
    Master All Healing . See With the One Mind ! Thank you for taking good care of yourself, Solara. The other night you were in my dreams. We were all wearing very bright clothes, gathered in groups over a large area of land in ceremony. I was positioned as guardian of very sacred area. You went inside of it and began working at a deep level with your physical lungs. It was a process that made me wonder in the morning. These photos have made me very happy indeed!

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