Maintaining the Energies at the Heart of AN!

There’s is a lot of maintenance needed to keep the Heart of AN functioning smoothly. Of course, there’s the energetic maintenance, as well as practical maintenance. Every time the energy expands to a new level, a great recalibration takes place both inside of us and throughout the land.

Since the rainy season began early this year, there is much to do. Fortunately, Rosmel has been working with us for the past few weeks.


• Building a water canal around the Tower of AN.
• Removing rocks from this area.
• Building a new storage area for our used construction wood.
• Filling our new vegetable garden with black dirt.
• Installing a fence and gates around the vegetable garden.
• Creating a new alpaca shortcut to the garden area.
• Building stone stairs to our garden bench there.
• Replacing broken tiles on the roof of our house.
• Designing Emanaku’s Wondrous Workshop.
• Redoing the walls of our “stage” area near the AN•Labyrinth.
• Moving the compost to a new area.
• Giving the quarterly parasite treatment to the alpacas.
• Creating canals and waterfalls from the garden to the acequia near our house.
• Planting our first vegetables!
• Buying new tires for our car and wheelbarrows.
• Cleaning out the weeds from all our water canals.
• Repainting the Octagon.
• Refinishing our garden benches.
• Repairing the metal work on our front gate.
• Repainting the front gate.
• Rebuilding the carport and firewood area.
• Planting the rest of our garden.
• Planting new flowers throughout the land.

And that’s just the Outside Tasks for the next few months. Fortunately, we have some wonderful people helping us. There’s also the Inside Tasks and the Energetic Tasks. Things such as writing my new book, writing the Surf Reports, putting together the Heart of AN Photo Journeys, creating videos, designing new buildings, filling orders and answering emails, plus dealing with some serious health issues. And most importantly, continually delving deeper into the AN energy so that it becomes increasingly visible.

We greatly enjoyed a special visit with Alexander of Germany who was here on a personal vision quest. The time we are in feels so deeply transformational. The energies of the eternal Timeless True Worlds within the New Reality of AN have never been stronger here. We feel that each day takes us deeper and makes us truer. Everything is becoming more REAL and more BEAUTIFUL. The New Reality of AN is becoming ever stronger all over the world.

OPEN DOORS are popping up when we least expect them. These Doorways lead to life changing realizations and a massive shift in consciousness. The most profound DOOR this year on a planetary level will open on 11•11•2018, resetting our perceptions onto a greatly expanded new awareness. A profusion of OPEN DOORS on a personal level are available any time between now and the end of the year. LET’S GO THROUGH AS MANY AS POSSIBLE!

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