Preparing the Seeds of the New at the Heart of AN!

This has been such a busy time that it’s been deeply challenging to keep up to date on our Photo Journeys.

During the second half of September, we worked on our canal system, created a wading pool for the alpacas, removed stones from the grass around the Tower of AN and prepared the dirt in our veggie garden. We also dealt with some urgent health issues and I wrote as much as I could on my new book. At the end of September, we planted our first seeds in a friend’s greenhouse.

Six of our Alpaca crias were returned to Pedro’s herd. It was a bit sad to see them go, but we also knew that we had too many alpacas for our existing grass. We are also very happy that they have now reunited with their Mothers. This leaves nine Alpacas here with us, which is still a lot, so in a few weeks we may return 2 or 3 more. Then next winter when it is cold, we will rescue some more babies.

Here is our Photo Journey of September 19 – October 4.

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