Lots of Action at the Heart of AN!

Last week was rather action-packed. On Tuesday, German and his crew arrived to build our new canal system, plus a small pool for the alpacas. They will return in early October to finish the job. Also on Tuesday, we had a short visit with Gloria and her friend. It was fun to show Gloria all the additions to the Heart of AN since she was last here.

On Saturday, Heather and Julie Ann’s group from Singapore, Australia and the UK arrived for a visit. In the late afternoon, we gave five of them readings with the Cards of AN. On Sunday, we all went to the magnificent Moray where we sat in the Fourth Circle as Silent Watchers. Afterwards, we went to the Chinchero Market where everyone found wondrous Hidden Treasures.

In the early evening, I gave four more readings with the Cards of AN. In the past week, I have given thirteen card readings. All of them were extremely powerful, astonishingly accurate and deeply transforming. It really feels like the Cards of AN have moved to a new level like everything else here.

This past week was even busier. Emanaku made three trips to Cuzco on various urgent matters. I’ve been dealing with some serious health issues, as well as working on my book whenever I can. 578 pages have been written, with still much more to do.

For now, we are pulling up our energetic drawbridge once again so I can concentrate on my healing and on completing my book.


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