Our Ever Expanding Family of AN at the Heart of AN!

On September 5, a small group from Austria arrived to stay here for two nights and two love-filled days. We so enjoyed meeting more of our beloved Family of AN ~ Manuela, Silke, Karin and Doris. It always feels so right to share the amazing energies of the New Reality with those who deeply appreciate it.

They all had transformative readings with the Cards of AN, plus we walked the AN•Labyrinth and taught them all the Mudras. It was great fun and super inspiring. Thank you all for being here.

This week, German and his crew have returned and are already making progress on our canal system which will regulate the flow of water through our land to the vegetable garden. We are including a small bathing pool for the alpacas made of river rocks. Apparently, alpacas love to get wet when it is hot!

We are also busy preparing for a visit on Saturday of a group from Singapore, Australia and UK, organized by Julie Ann and Heather who participated in the 11:11 Eleventh Gate Activation.

Karin made a wonderful video about their experiences at the Heart of AN. Thank you, Karin!!!

Click here to see this public video on Facebook.

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