Preparing, Preparing, Preparing at the Heart of AN!

For the past few weeks, we’ve been in the midst of preparations, cleaning and reorganizing the Heart of AN, on level after level. Exquisite new energies are pouring in and we have the feeling that we have to recalibrate everything. What’s wonderful is that some special people are appearing to help us with all that we are doing. We have even found the perfect person, the very sweet Lorenza, to help us clean the house once a week.

There are several projects that have been calling for our attention.

German and his crew have been working on another job for the past few weeks and are expected to return here tomorrow. They will make the canal system for the irrigation water to flow through our land. German and one of his sons did return for one day early last week to put the rest of the tiles onto the top of our raised beds in the garden. They look gorgeous!

Meanwhile, Pedro’s son, Percy has painted our garden seats with two coats of base, followed by two coats of bright AN colors. They are vibrant and bring a lot of joy. We also had a very fun visit with Michael, a new friend of ours from Calca who gave us lots of brilliant gardening advice. He has kindly offered us space in his greenhouse to start our seeds which we will do in the next week or so! We are very grateful for his timely and much needed help.

One of our most urgent tasks has been to plant more grass for the alpacas. Since it’s the dry season, we don’t have an abundance of grass right now ~ at least not enough for the amount of grass that fifteen alpacas require. (They like to eat grass all day long!) So, for the past month or more, Pedro and Roberto have taken out the old grass in our vegetable garden area and the fairyland and replanted those areas with special rye grass that is healthy for alpacas to eat. The new grass near the garden will be ready for eating in a week or so.

Whenever I have a free moment, I’m still working on my new book. I really love doing this, but wish that I could spend more time on it.

This past week, we had a brilliant, two day visit with four amazing women from Austria. It was so deep, very true and fun! We love meeting new Family of AN! There are so many great photos of our time together that we will put them into our next Photo Journey in the middle of the week.

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