A Quiet Month at the Heart of AN

After our EL•AN•RA Ceremonies on March 7, we turned our attention to practical matters. I spent much of the month working on my new book which is now 750 pages long and not near finished. I’m really loving writing this book and the words are pouring out effortlessly. Emanaku built a desk for Kusi•Wasi. Pedro’s wife Cecilia came to shear Nima and No’e. And Alexander began a new school year.

White and yellow flowers bloomed all over the land, making it extra beautiful. A week ago, Emanaku went up to Pedro’s village of Yanamayo and returned with a male alpaca named Phuyu whom we hope to breed with our females.

There was a major collapse on the main road between Pisac and Cuzco which is now closed while being repaired. Everything felt quiet and peaceful here ~ just as we like it.

There are so many photos from the past few weeks, that this is only the first part.


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1 thought on “A Quiet Month at the Heart of AN”

  1. Ongralea says:

    The Heart of AN is stunningly beautiful! Such a joy it is for me,
    seeing Love expressed and extended this way.

    Thank You Solara and Emanaku! Your sharing praises the Highest of the Greatest One Being.

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