A Super Wild Boost of Energy at The Heart of AN

During the past week, we’ve experienced huge energy bursts when everything surges forward. Much progress is being made energetically and with the construction.

Future plans have come into clearer focus. We just set the date for our first major event here! The official Activation of the Heart of AN will take place on June 30th. It will be preceded by a special Readers of the Cards Master Class, (assuming my card decks and book are published by then), and followed by a week long Heart of AN Master Class. Details of all these events will be ready soon.

At our visitor casita, AN•Wasi, tiling of the inside of the bathroom window and behind the bathroom sink is taking place at this very moment. And Aristo is in the midst of building the stairs to the upstairs bedroom. After that, the interior painting will begin!

Last week, the roof was quickly put on our smaller guardian / gardener casita and now the walls and ceilings are being covered with soft, thick yeso. We love seeing how everything is coming together so beautifully.

There are no words to adequately express how much we love living here in the exquisite energies of the Heart of AN. And we look forward to the time when you can personally experience them too. Perhaps in June…….


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