Way too much to do, but much is getting done!!!!

We thought that we were busy before; we thought that we were dealing with lots of details…. but now we have reached a new expanded level of Off the Map Busy and are dealing with way too much to do and thousands of details.

At the same time, we are quickly running out of money and racing to get everything done before we have to lay off the workers and leave everything in an incomplete state.

Right now, it’s super challenging on so many levels. Emanáku and I are being overstretched beyond all previous definitions of overstretched. And yet, everything we are doing feels so absolutely right.

All around us is such awesome beauty; everything is so deeply nourishing. The AN energies are vibrantly alive! We still feel a sense of urgency to manifest the full vision of the Heart of AN as soon as possible, even though this is taking everything we’ve got, and that is still not enough…. ♥

• • • •

Dearest Family of AN, if you want to help us pull through these critical Final Miles, here’s where you can make a much needed donation so we can officially open the Heart of AN.


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