Unbelievably, off the map, busy at The Heart of AN

We are still dealing with myriad practical details on a daily basis and our workload is ever increasing. Yet, we know that it is through much attention to small details and great effort that the New World is born. Fortunately, we seem to have increased energy, if not enough time, to deal with it all.

Our house is still not completely settled as it is full of things for both AN•Wasi and the new guardian house. Behind our house, part of the hole holding the cistern for our desague system collapsed from the rains and needs to be completely rebuilt.

The rains are making everything green and lush. The New Landscape is so amazingly beautiful. It inspires us every single day. And for the past two days, there have been rainbows in the sky!

AN•Wasi is experiencing major progress. The shower and kitchen have been tiled, as has the living room floor. We’ve bought a refrigerator, toilet and kitchen sink. The glass bathroom sink unit has been ordered and should arrive this week. We still have to buy a stove, but will do that on our next trip to Cuzco. Aristo has made beautiful doors and we have already added glass pellets, small mirrors and iridescent tiles to them. They are gorgeous! Next, he will start making the stairs.

Adobe walls are rapidly going up on our small guardian house. Everywhere we look are many things to do, but it is getting done, bit by bit. Money is still a huge challenge, but we are getting by so far. And your donations are a huge help! Thank you so much, but please keep them coming….

I’m also spending several hours a day working on finishing my AN•’A Mu’a•11:11 Cards. Now I understand why it took so long to get them done. This is because their final calibration had to take place here at the Heart of AN. The energies are so exquisite that my writing is changing, becoming ever clearer.

We wake up early each day, usually before the Sun comes up. In the pre-dawn darkness, we can hear the first morning birds singing to welcome the New Day. And we feel that way too….

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