A Week of ‘A Mu’a at the Heart of AN

The energy has been super strong here since the New Year began. Often, we are flattened by the energies of E Mao Mao, especially in the afternoons when it intensifies. We can feel the energies building up for this New Year and already have some exciting visitors coming to stay at AN•Wasi beginning in February.

After finishing the marathon of writing two Surf Reports back to back, I am now free to turn my attention to other tasks. Emanaku is busy creating a total redesign of the Heart of AN website: The ANvisible, while I’ve been cleaning and recalibrating. As soon as the redesign is complete, I will update the info there. As soon as that is done, we would like to complete our exciting, new eBooks.

Eloy has finished painting our new storage hut and we’ve begun moving in our unused building materials, starting with bags of cement. Just in time, as the tent they were in is in the process of collapsing. In a few days, we will install the door. After everything is moved in, we will start cleaning up and preparing the area for the AN•Labyrinth!

Yesterday, Eloy and his cousin finally cleared the path next to our land of rocks, so our neighbors can have an easier passage. This is something which we’ve wanted to do for a few years!

With the rainy season, we keep discovering areas which need maintenance and fix things as quickly as we can, but some things will have to wait until after the rainy season. Plus, there are many new projects that are hovering on the horizon, beckoning for our attention.

Within a week or so, we hope to have this year’s schedule of special events and Readers of the Cards of AN Master Classes ready. At this point, it feels like there will be ROC Classes in April, May, June, July and September. Since these amazing classes have to be small in order to be effective, they may fill up quickly. So please let us know if you wish to participate in one.

Tomorrow, we are looking forward to meeting a visitor from Spain who wants to have a reading with the Cards of AN.

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