Reorganization at The Heart of AN

We are in full action mode here almost all the time, except when we are temporarily flattened by the energies. We have an endless list of things to do and do as much as we can each day. In the midst of our activities this past week, we enjoyed visits with Marta of Spain, Chalo of Chile and Mattieu of France!

Utilizing the final week of Mercury Retrograde, we are in the midst of a massive reorganization here. Now that our new storage hut is ready with two new metal shelf units and a new door, we are ready to move in.

But first, we are turning our attention to our laundry room / deposito and the area under our stairs which are full of stuff that was dumped there when we first moved in. It’s a formidable task, sorting through all the tools and building supplies, while deciding what stays in the house and what goes into the new building. But even though it may take us another week to get everything into its proper position, there is already noticeable progress. And it will be fantastic to finally know where everything is.

At the same time, Emanaku has been upgrading the software for our ANvisible and 11:11 Photo Journeys websites. Next, we will update all the information on the ANvisible and then give it a fresh, new design. We are also in the midst of organizing this year’s exciting events at the Heart of AN and should have that information on the ANvisible website next week.

Plus, we’ve been dealing with leaks in our roof and the disappearance of one of our license plates which necessitated a special trip to Cuzco yesterday to order a new one. This turned out to be surprisingly easy and we should have our new license plates by the end of next week.

Our biggest news is that after living in the Sacred Valley for over five years with very unreliable internet connections, they are now installing fiber optic cables here. Within a week, we may FINALLY have an efficient internet connection which would be a HUGE BREAKTHROUGH !!!

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