Numerous Breakthroughs at the Heart of AN

This past week has been full of sudden and unexpected breakthroughs.

After hearing rumors of a new fiber optic network in the Sacred Valley for five years, it’s finally here! And yesterday, our first fiber optic cable arrived at the Heart of AN. It will take another week or two to get everything working here, but we are very happy at the promise of a more reliable internet service. Internet is not cheap here and it will cost us around US $140 a month for 4Mb service, of which they contractually only promise us 20% of the 4Mb. They have higher speeds, but this is all we can afford right now. It still should be much better than what we’ve been using and it’s unlimited which is somewhat rare here!

A few days ago, heavy machinery, in the form of a caterpillar and a steam roller, unexpectedly appeared outside our gate to widen, and hopefully improve, the small dirt road that goes from the main road to our land. It was another surprising breakthrough!

The reorganization of our laundry / storage room is still in progress since we are doing it thoroughly, but we are nearing completion. It feels really good to get everything sorted and into its right position. Maybe we’ll have photos of it next week.

We’ve also nearly completed organizing the schedule of our Special Events at the Heart of AN. We will have Readers of the Cards Master Classes in April, May, July, September and October. Our big event is the CONCLAVE OF THE FAMILY OF AN (AN • The New Reality • Pachacuti) which will take place here from October 10 – 16. We really hope that many of you can come and be with us for this momentous event. The details of all these events will be online in a few days.

While all this is happening, we feel the New Reality so strongly here. Since the beginning of the New Year, it feels like we are living in a totally New World. Our land is super green and lush right now, emanating such a strong vitality of love and healing. From this exquisite vantage point of the Heart of AN, we send HUGE LOVE to our beloved Family of AN!

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