Quiet Time at the Heart of AN

Everything noticeably quieted down this past week. After weeks of gorgeous sunny weather, the rain returned and it’s been raining nearly every day. The profusion of rain enabled us to discover a new leak – this time in the roof of our Art Studio. Eloy repaired it the next day and so far, it’s not leaking!

Our new fiber optic internet service is still in progress. The cable has been successfully added to our underground electrical tubes. Now, we are waiting for the final hook up. Each time the installers come, they tell us that our service will begin in eight days. They’ve been saying “eight days” for almost two weeks now. It’s a very flexible and expanded “eight days”. But it will happen eventually and we are really looking forward to it.

I’ve been busy writing the February Surf Report and will be in a state of isolation until it is finished in a day or two. But it’s very cozy to write while it is raining outside.

This is the week of the big fiesta down the road at the old hacienda. We remembered how noisy last year’s fiesta was and I wondered if I’d be able to write at all. But since it’s raining, the fiesta is very subdued this year.

Last Sunday, we started drawing the design for the AN•Labyrinth. It’s a bit of a challenge, since it has to be absolutely REAL and TRUE or there’s no point in building a labyrinth. We drew all the parts of it which we see clearly, which feel very right. The next step is to work on the inside of it to make it a true AN • Labyrinth. We also are getting a feeling what parts of the labyrinth are higher or lower than the ground level. After we get our design finalized, we will draw it on the ground with yeso plaster dust so we can try it out and make sure that it feels right. Then we hope to build it as soon as possible!

We’ve also been working on our Special Events for this year which has taken a lot of time since Emanaku is using a new software which needed much effort so it is glitch free. We hope to have the new webpages online this weekend at anvisible.com

Sending you much LOVE from the wet, warm and cozy Heart of AN!!

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