Busy as Usual at the Heart of AN

We are constantly busy here with a variety of urgent tasks. From dealing with yet another leak in the roof to trying to complete our Events pages on the ANvisible website, we always have a mountain of things to do. For every item that we cross off the list, several more tasks immediately take their place. It’s like cooking at a huge stove full of myriad pots in various stages of preparation. There are too many things happening at the same time to focus on just one or two tasks, instead we need to keep an expanded vision at all times so that nothing boils over or burns.

But the reorganization of our laundry / storage room is finally complete and our guest room is cleaned up and ready for visitors. We didn’t have any free time to work on the design for the AN•Labyrinth this week, but hope to work on it tomorrow. What I’d most like to be doing is writing the expanded version of “The Legend of Altazar” and making new paintings, but I don’t yet see any free time opening up for this in the near future.

To help us keep up with our ever expanding To Do List, we’ve decided to hire a gardener. Jesús is an experienced and recommended gardener who will start work on Friday. He was supposed to start work today, but there is currently a two day strike that has shut down all the transport in our half of the Sacred Valley. Jesús will work here part time planting fruit trees, cleaning up the land and adding more flowers. Eloy will help him and learn more about gardening. We feel an urgency to plant our fruit trees and more flowers before the rainy season ends so they will get a good start.

We had a huge breakthrough last night when the installation of our fiber optic internet was completed. It’s not noticeably faster than what we had before, but it’s unlimited service which is rather rare here. Previously we’ve been paying around $230 a month for internet and now it will cost $135 a month. (Internet is NOT cheap in Peru.) And to underscore the breakthrough aspect, at the exact moment when the internet guys arrived here yesterday evening, there was a super brilliant double rainbow in the sky!

Today or tomorrow, we will finally post our Special Events for 2016 at the Heart of AN. The first Readers of the Cards of AN Master Class will be in April. In addition to our scheduled events, we can create special classes and events if you want to bring a group here.

Living at the Heart of AN always fills us with a sense of awe. The beauty of the nature which surrounds us is stunning and ever changing. Every day, the energies of the New Reality feel more alive and so do we!

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1 thought on “Busy as Usual at the Heart of AN”

  1. Arlene Griffen says:

    Dear Solara,

    All of this is lovely! thank you for the updates and the wonderful pics showing how, slowly and surely, AN dreams and plans are becoming reality.
    I want to visit as soon as I can.

    Arlene (from Fiji but now back in Sydney)

    Blessings and Thank you for all of your love and hard work for all of these years

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