Green Lights at the Heart of AN!

This past week we’ve been making lots of progress. Jesús, our new part time gardener started work last Friday and already there are many noticeable improvements in our gardens. When I first planted flowers here, I had no idea that they would grow so quickly and profusely, but they did. Some of our flower gardens were bursting with flowers that greatly needed thinning. Jesús was up to the task and immediately started removing flowers and planting them in new locations throughout the land. With Eloy’s help, they quickly filled up the new flower pots which we had bought last August.

All week long, we’ve been enjoying our new fiber optic internet and are starting to catch up on the many updates of software and apps which have been accumulating for many months. Another week or so and we should be up to date!

On Saturday we enjoyed a visit with Luzclara, a Chilean friend. She really loved her reading of the Cards of AN. Afterwards, we returned her to Pisac and visited Jesús’ home and abundant garden. We saw several plants in his garden which we’ve never seen before in Peru.

We have been focused on completing the design for our AN•Labyrinth and it is nearly done! In a few days, we will draw it in its exact size on the ground with yeso plaster dust so we can try it out before actually creating it. Our design is definitely unique, but so far it feels good.

We also completed the schedule of our 2016 Special Events at the Heart of AN!!! There are several Readers of the Cards of AN Master Classes sprinkled throughout the year. These very concentrated and super brilliant classes are limited to ten people per class and are definitely worth experiencing.

Our big event of the year is THE CONCLAVE OF THE FAMILY OF AN: (AN • The New Reality • Pachacuti) which will be held from October 10 – 16, followed by a Readers of the Cards of AN Master Class a few days later. We really hope that some of you are called to participate with us!

You can find the complete schedule of events here: The AN•visible events 2016

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