Our Plans for 2016

Our plans for 2016 are:

• Buy the land for our AN•Sonqo Sanctuary where we can host Master Classes and Special Events.
• Build our Sanctuary.
• Build a Labyrinth of AN
• Plant an organic vegetable garden and fruit trees.
• Organize the Conclave of the Family of AN.

How You Can Help

There are many important ways in which the Family of AN can help us manifest the Heart of AN. We know that many of you are excited to see the Heart of AN established in the physical. And that you are aware of the importance of this for the whole planet in these wild times of the changeover from duality to Oneness. Many of you are eager to visit us and participate on various levels with us. However, none of this will happen without your support.



Our Master Plan had to be changed quite a lot because of many new developments.

We hope to soon have a revised map to show you what has changed.

Firstly, we discovered that the place where we were going to build our Sanctuary / Events Center is too small. Next, we found that a super beautiful piece of adjoining land is available to buy. This piece of land is the perfect size for our Sanctuary, allowing us the space for a small, separate building for bathrooms and another space for a small kitchen and shop, as well as numerous outdoor sitting areas for rest breaks during events. We need to raise the money to buy this land and build our Sanctuary soon.

Our guest casita, AN•Wasi is now in the area marked Parking and the  Guardian Casita is in the area marked Reception.


Our Most Urgent Needs are

• The Raising of Money so we can buy our Sanctuary land and build the Sanctuary.

1. Our first priority is to raise the money to buy this adjoining piece of land and build our AN Sonqo Sanctuary. This will a large circular building with many windows where we can hold workshops and special events. Once AN Sonqo (The Heart of AN in Quechua) is built, we will be able to organize events at the Heart of AN.  The cost of buying the land and building our Sanctuary – Workshop Space is around US $120,000 – $150,000.

2. Next, we would like to raise the funds to build some more guest houses. They would be self contained units with small kitchen, living room and bath downstairs, plus 1 -2 bedrooms upstairs. They would be used by both staff and visitors.  Each guesthouse will cost around US $30,000 – $40,000 to build.

3. To raise money to buy some other pieces of surrounding property. This buffer zone would enable us to ensure that we have privacy and quiet. Plus it would give us more space to create gardens, art studios and more living spaces.

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