Adjusting to the New Reality at the Heart of AN

The energies were so strong this past week that we felt greatly expanded and often flattened. It felt like the Green Lights of our fast forward movement had dimmed, but this wasn’t what was really happening. It was simply that our focus had moved from DOING into a state of being stretched into the New Reality so we could adjust to it on a deeper level.

This period of adjustment was helped by many rainy days which kept us in a state of deepened quiet. But just when we were beginning to long for the Sun, a warm, sunny day would appear!

As a perfect reflection of what is taking place within us, everything on the land is becoming increasingly lush and green. So much so, that parts of the land are actually becoming overgrown.

Jesús, our new part time gardener had to go to Lima this week, but will return next week. In the meanwhile, Eloy is keeping busy trying to keep the gardens in order.

In the midst of all this expanded and deepened energy, Emanaku had to make several trips to Cuzco. Quite amazingly, he was able to navigate the chaotic traffic there while doing numerous errands in a state of deepened expansion.

Last week, we also had two days of strikes in which everything – roads and businesses – in our half of the Sacred Valley were closed as a protest. This, combined with the rain, helped push us deeper inside the New Reality.

The AN•Labyrinth is waiting for us to receive more inspiration as to its true design. We’ve questioned whether or not we should make it in various levels. We love the idea, but to be practical, if we make it flat, we could also perform Sacred Dances on it. So we are waiting for more clarity….

Tomorrow we have guests coming to stay at AN•Wasi for a few days. They also want private readings with the Cards of AN. So the next few days are full of cleaning, preparations and then interactions. We really love how the right people are drawn here. Often they are people whom we didn’t know before who find us in miraculous ways, but they are always the perfect ones for the Heart of AN.

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