A Wild, Wild Week at the Heart of AN!

Last Wednesday and Thursday were action packed. We were busy cleaning AN•Wasi and our house in preparation for guests arriving on Thursday night. Then on Thursday, Emanaku had to make an unexpected trip to Cuzco to pick up a package from Germany which had to been picked up that day or it would be sent back. In the afternoon, there was a meeting of the local Water Association with several of the expatriates who live in this area. This meeting was for the purpose of better integrating the foreigners into the Water Association. The meeting started out a bit rough because of all the cultural and language differences, but ended up with deeper understanding and much love and respect all around.

That night our guests arrived and really enjoyed staying at AN•Wasi for two nights. On Friday, after a tour of the land, Tetyana and Gary had intensive readings with the Cards of AN. Then we all went to an early dinner together in Urubamba.

On Saturday, I came down with a stomach flu and spent the next three days in bed, totally collapsing. What an ending to a strange February!

March began with lots of action. Yesterday, we went to Cuzco to pay our annual car insurance and pick up a new mattress that we had ordered. Yesterday was also Jesús’ last day here since he got a new job that is across the street from his home, rather than traveling 40 minutes to come here each day. We are sad that he won’t be here, but very happy for him.

This morning, we were called to our front gate to be greeted by about twenty neighbors and electrical workers, including the gerente (mayor) of the local community. They wanted to put electricity poles next to our wall while we want them on the opposite side of the road. After a lengthy discussion with no immediate solution, they left to talk to the head engineer in Calca. We’re hoping for the best solution.

The rivers are still very high and almost went on Red Alert for flooding last week. But since then, it has been warm and sunny.

So that’s how it is here. Ridiculously busy, but definitely no possibility of being bored. And now, there’s the March Surf Report to write!

If you want to visit us this year and participate in some of our Special Events, here is a link: anvisible.com/events/

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