A Busy Week at the Heart of AN!

Last week was full of activity here with some major breakthroughs. After a temporary standoff with the small community near us about the location of the new electricity poles, they finally decided to put them on the opposite side of the road!

Later that day, a huge truck came up our road loaded with the heavy cement electricity poles. Eloy had the brilliant idea of asking them to help remove the giant rock in our labyrinth area. For a charge of $9, they drove onto our land, backed up, slid out of control, crashed into the flower bed by the entrance, then drove down to the labyrinth area. The rock was easily lifted out of the ground by the crane on the truck and moved into its new position where it can be used to sit on. So now, we are almost ready to create our AN•Labyrinth. All we need is some free time to create the final design.

While I spent most of last week writing the March Surf Report, Emanaku attended the annual meeting of the local Water Association. Around 200 people were there for the meeting which lasted for over six hours! At the end of the meeting, a group of campaigners for one of the presidential candidates happened to drive by and when they saw the large crowd, stopped by to visit with many banners and a band!

This week, Eloy is digging out another huge stone from an area near our house where we hope to some day build a ramada and outside sitting area which we can also use for classes. Since it is the New Moon, later today we hope to finally plant the herb garden!

We’ve been contemplating how we can best share the wondrous energies of the Heart of AN. So far, we haven’t had much of a response to our Special Events planned for this year. It’s a bit sad to me because the Readers of the Cards of AN Master Classes are so magnificent. They are the quintessence of all my experiences and knowledge.

We are looking for ways in which people can fully experience the energies of the New Reality here. But so far it seems that what most people want when they come to Peru is a “shamanic” experience with “plant medicine”. This is quite different than what we offer.

The Heart of AN needs to be self supporting. We also need to raise the money very, very soon to buy the adjoining small piece of land for our Sanctuary. The owners are urgently wanting to sell it and we really don’t want someone else living there. We know that our True Purpose is to anchor the New Reality. We are open to any suggestions of what we should do here in order to facilitate this.

We have created such a beautiful oasis of the New Reality at the Heart of AN and would so love to share it with you. If you are ready to fully immerse yourself in the New Reality of AN, please consider participating in one of our magnificent events!


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1 thought on “A Busy Week at the Heart of AN!”

  1. CURT CURLEY says:


    Just to let you know, my plans are still in motion and unfolding in ways I didn’t expect, but ways that will make it so much easier for me.


    By the way your March Surf, as far as I am concerned, is the most profound report you have ever written. A powerful help – Awesome!

    Say HI to Emanaku and your sweet pets:)


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