Fast Forward at the Heart of AN

This past week was super accelerated here. The AN energies of the New Reality are becoming stronger every day. Yesterday, we could see and feel this immediately when we returned home from a quick trip to Urubamba. As soon as we opened the front gate, we were absolutely astounded by the exquisite beauty of the Heart of AN. We unloaded the car, then Emanaku returned to our front gate and took some amazing photos which clearly showed what we saw and felt.

We got much accomplished here this last week. After more than a year, our herb garden was finally planted! We also planted flowers in the new flower area by our AN•Chakana and they look so beautiful. On the street, the new electricity poles are being put into position. Plus, we are working on making my books available on iBooks. “The Star-Borne” is almost ready and Emanaku is formatting “11:11”. Amiel made a brilliant suggestion that we hold Silent Retreats at the Heart of AN so visitors can commune deeply with the AN energies of the New Reality, so we are in the process of organizing them for 1 -4 people at a time.

We attempted to remove a rock that stuck up a foot above the ground in the area where we want to build an outdoor sitting area by our house, only to discover that it was HUGE!!! Since we don’t want to break off the top, we are going to leave this guardian in position and have the top part, which will stick up through the floor, become an altar to Pachamama. So I sprinkled the rock being with pika pika confetti and Eloy carefully put the dirt back around it.

We also started work on the AN•Labyrinth. Emanaku and Eloy began outlining the design on the ground using yeso plaster dust. Next, Eloy will dig channels where the yeso is and put river rocks into position to outline the labyrinth. The labyrinth is an interesting design; it’s a bit strange and messy, not quite what we expected, but it feels right. It has two paths into the center and can be walked by two people at the same time, which feels very AN. Throughout the journeys into the center of the labyrinth, the energies of Sun and Moon merge.

We are also in the midst of designing the roof for the AN•Chakana which needs a cover to protect it from the strong Sun here. But it doesn’t feel right to simply have a roof over it; there needs to be something which enhances the AN•Chakana and feels like an integral part of it. Now, after numerous adjustments to make it feel right, the design is finally becoming more clear. It will be both simple and stunning. It feels to me like a Jewel in the Crown. I can’t wait to see it manifest.

As you can see, we are riding a massive creative surge and even though we are often tired or feeling super overstretched, it is immensely exciting! The New Reality of AN is alive and it is HERE, NOW!

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