A Well Traveled AN Disc Arrives!

The tiles go on the roof and a well-traveled AN disc arrives as we immerse ourselves deeper into the New Landscape.

Sebastian brings us a very special AN.

He and Ankasha found it for us in the ancient Mayan town of Lamanai, Belize.


Here are Ankasha and Sebastian with the same AN at Uxmal in Yucatan, Mexico.

They took the AN to visit many Mayan sites in Belize and Mexico.

The well traveled AN also spent a few months in Germany before it finally came to Peru.


Here is a closeup view of the AN which is made of wood.


All week long, clay tiles were placed upon the roof.

They were set on top of totora reeds and mud.

Tortora reeds are from Lake Titicaca and are used to make the lake’s mystical reed boats.


Our house is looking very beautiful with its new tile roof!


Glass was also put into the skylights this week.

Here is our Art Studio which also has a glass overhang on the roof to let in maximum light.


A rare view of the back of the house!


Sebastian in contemplation on the day before he returns to Germany.


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